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Living At Bananahome

The week after moving out, spent at Mike's house in Redfern.

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The very first day of 2008 had me waking up in Josh's bed. You see, the lounge room was full of westies - Luke had the mattress and Mitchel had the Scrote Sack. It felt like a cloud, far too soft for a manly-man like me. Give me a rough patch of ground to lie on and a rock for a pillow... Ok, fine. We're not that hard but the bed was too soft :P

Mike went off to work while the rest of us enjoyed a day with no other plans, bar making nachos at some point. We did think to beach-it-up but heard all beaches were closed - low pressure cell from Queensland, something-something. I Am Legend was not so good; good thing that we only downloaded it. We're taking advantage of work's bandwidth at the moment, hehe! Finally, a plan emerged to walk to Darling Harbour to have icecream.

In the beginning there were 7 of us gouging through it - in the end only Tom remained to finish it: 37-flavour icecream tower with cream, nuts, fruit and chocolate sauce. As we dug, the tower began to lean until one of us had no choice but to (be dared to) eat the whole top part in one mouthfull. It froze my mouth, it froze my teeth, it froze all the way down my throat then froze up to my head until I was bruised from hitting it.

Trying to stay awake all morning on a 5.30 open at work - urrgh! The asian bloke at work makes tasteless and foamless coffee. Even the other full-time woman (who never gives staff discounts, even though her son does) is hopeless at making anything but horrible coffee. Bastards! Forcing me to settle for it in times of need... grumble! After my coffeeless morning I visited Kelly to charge-up my phone and have a chicken-avocardo-cheese sandwich (thanks Kelly!).

I'm often worried that I'm boring you with uninteresting details of my life. Comment if so.

Where the hell is Karloo Pool? Has anyone ever heard of it? Heathcote Station didn't have a map and there was no obvious trail. Walking along said non-obvious trail, it seemed like a rainwater gully. Only after about a kilometer did I meet anyone else. Man, it was a long jog. The waterhole was neat! Deep-ish, cool and murky. We invented a game where you carry a rock and walk the width of the pool underwater. Some 11 year-old boys copied us later in the day, at which point Marty, Gav and Tom tried to convince Izzy and Trie that they were under age so better not touch. There was a yabby in there too who was friendly enough to pincer my poking stick. No, that was not a metaphone.

Tom and I made a tremendous effort to 'dig up' with Izzy on the way to the cinema that night. It took the entire walk to win, but in the end she smirked and conceeded to feeling better. How could anyone stay unhappy with us? We're too loveable, Tom and I, adoreable scamps. Enchanted was not only the icing on the make girls feel better cake - it was also the cream, nuts, chocolate sauce and all 37 flavours of icecream on top. Damn, we were still feeling urgh from the last icecream adventure. Enchanted was a great movie, all the girls loved it. Being in the city Greater Union mega-cinema with it's prime-row lounge-chair seats was great. However, it sounded like we had a 10 year-old with us (Trie).

This week we would learn the term ver-jay-jay - a euphamism for vagina originating from Grey's Anatomy (the TV show). Every day at every opportunity, people would use verjayjay in every situation. It eventually morphed into vajenga: esentually Jenga rules but played with scisoring lesbians. Living in a gay house is really great! You learn so much.

Are you all taking time in your day to have some silly childish fun? We all did thanks to Ben(dy), Lizanne and their spontaneous frizby-buying. That night in Victoria Park we learnt how to do under-leg throws and handstand throws. We also had a game of carry Ben piggy-back until we catch the frizbee. The reason we were near Broadway? The reason I was buying string, sticky tape, wrapping paper and 24 stick-on ribbons? This must remain a mystery for another month! Secret reasons. Many of you know exactly what to do with cardboard and string once you break into the weights gym and set up badmitten nets for quick game. That'll make a great story once it's safe to let it out. That is, after I leave my job and everyone I know has left Uni. I wonder just how much trouble we'd be in...

Paul from Arena is taking a 3-week holiday during O-week again. Smart bastard. Hmm... No more undergrad O-weeks for me. Being an undergrad, yeah that was fun. I don't think I've seen the Love Hina anime series since I was in first year. Josh got the box set for Xmas; nice to revisit. Nice as well to bump into people you don't talk to so often. Went to dinner with Emma and Yasmine then later to icecream again in Darling Harbour. Wow, that's 3 nights running. It was such a pretty scene from the Lindt cafe. Damn, I love their deserts.

Izzy was feeling down when only a few people came to her holiday house in Jervis Bay last time. So this time she'd not set herself up to host 17+ people for dinner and sexy spa time. Only minutes after the bubbles started we all did our norm - etc etc - naked. Amusing night, especially when Emma asked to see Mike's Gonzo. 'Wow, it's so big!' - she said in the same bogun tone of voice as if she'd commented on any normal object. Emma is one of our special friends, hehe!

I didn't understand everyone's obsession with Guitar Hero until playing it. 10 min into it you start rocking out hard, dancing more than a DDR machine would move you. Can you believe it? More icecream in Newtown. Oow, my stomach lineing! Can't quite remember why, but Mike decided the definition of nucleate was:

Nucleate - In Canada when you have a pack of cammels which are cold, you put a moose in the center to radiate heat out and warm them

Interesting, eh? His final GamesNight on monday was a blast! Articulate was fun, The Card Game too. Less naked this time, but it still snuck in. Ellen in a bra, me with a rainbow-coloured heart-shaped pillow doing 5-6-7-8, and Mike wearing nothing at all for the entire game! No modesty-pillow, only a modesty-Riley. We all love GamesNight. Finally, here is the list of personal invites Mike sent out that day: