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Basement Shelves and Bergsee Klettersteig

There is a lot to do when you move into a new apartment. Luckily, you know people who have more free time than youselves who came to help. The week after you did the Bergsee klettersteig with the guys.

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Basement Shelf, Cutlery Drawer, Pallet Mats

There are a lot of things to do in a new apartment. In rental you took a lot for granted, such as shelves and other fixtures. Your new basement, while nice and clean, had no shelves and was chaotic from day one. Installing a kit shelf was a failure — way too wobbly and small. It was woodworking time.

Assuming it was a one-day job was way off. After the larger part of Sunday was spent in the basement you had an idea what to do, but were missing 75% of the materials. Each afternoon for a week you trundled past the local hardware shop and lugged logs home by foot. The 2.5 m lengths were so tricky to carry that you left your angular brackets behind at the checkout. The low-floor trams made transport easier, even if you almost decapitated a few passengers in the process. Each night your cut and drilled until 10pm.

The bullet-proof, earthquake-proof basement shelf

When you finally got the basic structure erected you hit the next wall: your hammer drill was not sturdy enough to dig through thick concrete to anchor the damn thing. Stefan lent you his big hammer drill, which went through concrete like butter. After a lot more screwing about, it seemed to stand upright and bare weight. Carpentry is fun when done as a hobby; probably best left that way.

The very useful and masterfully crafted cutlery drawer organiser

Slightly smaller but equally useful, the next job was making a cutlery drawer organiser. Your lady picked out a 3 mm board, you grabbed a mini circular saw for the dremel and you both made some sawdust. It wasn't until her parents came to visit for the weekend that it took form. Worked out really nice.

Pallet mats sewn from Thai material

Also in need of something to do, her mum volunteered to sew the garden furniture mats, while her dad sanded the pallets. Using the material you bought in Chiang Mai for about 2chf per meter, she made you some stylish covers. Motivated to finish them all, they stayed an extra day in Zürich. He also threw together a knife block from an off-cut. Retired people can be very busy.

Bergsee Klettersteig

At Stefan's suggestion, you piled into his car one Sunday morning (at "a quarter past half past"?) and drove up Göschenen to Göscheneralp lake to do the Bergsee via ferrata. The drive up the windy mountain roads was beautiful and motion sickness inducing, but at least the weather was good. No, actually it was too damn hot.

Trying to keep up with a mountain runner

Normally it is impossible to keep up with mountain-running Matthieu. Today, however, he wasn't at full-power so there were times when you held the pace... for about fifty meters. The view of the green valley and surrounding glacial mountains was breathtaking — not that you had much breath to spare.

Crossing the boulder field behind Bergseehütte

The sun and heat was oppressive, leading everyone to sweat buckets. From Bergseehütte the mountain breezes blowing over snow picked up and gave a welcome cooling effect. It would have been a nice enough outing to just stay there, had the mountains behind it not looked so inviting, beckoning you to come hither.

Sitting atop the first peak, at the foot of Bergseeschijen

The cable started a few hundred meters behind the hütte over a rough boulder field. The route was a K2 / K3 mix with average exposure, one small overhang, a cable bridge and a crocodile mouth. At the highest point the rocks were shaped like a crocodile's mouth opening upward, through which you had to slide. It was a really cool section to traverse, especially with such a nice background. Everyone took the climb at a relaxed pace — Steffen making a point to only use the rocks wherever possible, while you busied yourself taking photos.

The crocodile mouth rocks

After a short two hours you were through the climb and started heading back down. you could feel the temperature rising with every meter of decent. By the time you couldn't take it anymore — coincidentally at the car park — the weather broke and it poured down hard for a few minutes. Matthieu and yourself made it just in time before the rain hit, while Steffen and Stefan (mere moments behind) tried explaining it was quite refreshing to get wet.

Later that evening a spontaneous BBQ broke out at home in Zürich in your garden — your new name for your logia... balcony... thingy. It was still so oppressively hot that many manly men opted to go topless post shower, but continued to sweat all the salt right back again after. It's nice to know your garden is such a friendly place to visit on hot Sunday afternoons.