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Break in Win

Several small things: Mic threw a final bash in his apartment before leaving for Canada; you lazed about in the sun on Hönggerberg; you turned a profit following the break-in last year; and you approved the layout of the apartment tiles.

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Mic Goes to Montreal

Mic decided it was time for a change. He wasn't so happy with his job and wanted needed something new, so he packed his bags for Montreal, Canada.

A farewell party in his loft apartment was on Saturday evening. Like so many parties which came before, his apartment made for a friendly and cosy coalescence of colleges with all manor or liquids being splashed about. His favorite Hennison Gin, served with tonic and a slice of cucumber, was quickly consumed, along with everything else he had left over. It all had to go, according to Mic.

Mic getting a farewell present

He'd been a little slack with moving arrangements, which was not really unexpected. The last of his things were to be carried out the next day - a funny idea, considering how he likes to party. The biggest moving issue was the ten-tonne lounge room coffee table. It was apparently some kinda designer furniture was probably very expensive, but it had to go and so was being offered as "cheap if picked up". No one at the party showed too much interest.

His going away presents were a travel guide for Canada, a compass (from you) and fancy headphones. He tried not to show much emotion, but it was clear he was a little sad to be leaving. Fabien poked him a bit, trying to get him to tear up. Didn't work. Tough bloke, Mic.

Sunny Hönggerberg

Whenever the weather is being indecisive, suggesting rain and giving sun, you usually go to Hönggerberg. The ETH ASVZ has a great outdoor bouldering area they erected about two years ago, which is really close to home and a great place to laze in the sun. Or boulder. Whatever. The abbreviation mentioned earlier stands for Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Akademische Sportsverband Zürich, a.k.a. Zürich Uni Sport.

More often than not, weekend days spent there are relaxed and shirtless. You take the chance to soak up some sunshine with lots of uni students who have more time that you do to stay buff. You've accepted that gainful employment saps time away from getting more massive. Sport now has to be squeezed in at given opportunities, unlike being a student where lectures were squeezed in amongst sport plans. Hmm...

Sore back, getting a massage

After Mic's party, an afternoon on Hönggerberg seemed fitting. You rode up by bike with Meike and Alex to tackle some bouldering problems. Alex was telling you all about his idea to climb a seventeen-pitch mountain face in Tessin. His plans seemed quite ambitious considering the pitches were all in the high sixes (hard). He was enjoying being unemployed a lot it seemed. You were a little jealous. Bastard.

There was some crazy-strong wind all afternoon. It was so strong you had to tie your chalk bag and shirt to a bench to prevent them being blown away. It caused a lot of chalk to be spread about. It was doing nothing helpful for anyone's hayfever but hoped it'd blow some alegens away too.

Break-in Win

You receive almost quarterly updates about the case against the robbers who broke into your apartment back in 2013. Annoyingly, the letters are all sent registered and need to be collected from the post office personally. This letter read the prosecution was finished waving your gameboy and swim passes infront of the courts, and you collect them in Basel. Finally!

The bag of loot containing mysterious Bosnian currency

your stolen belongings had to be collected from a gaol in Basel. It was a complicated process, taking over an hour of bureaucracy to complete, but ended with a small paper bag filled with money. The funny thing was there was more money in the bag that you had stolen! Somehow, you actually managed to turn a profit. Switzerland must be the only country where you end up with more than you started with after a break-in. Bizarre.

Wild Bathroom Tiles

Early Wednesday morning you rode over to the new apartment building construction site, and met the installation manager to talk about tiles. There's not much of a story to it. You tried out the layout scheme with some samples - wild for the floor and aligned for the walls, alternating for the shower - and approved the plans. The apartment was quite well advanced. The floors were set and the walls were all installed. If the apartment had a door, you'd consider already moving in.

The loud shower wall tiles

Before leaving you both went up to the 17th floor to admire the view. All of Oerlikon was surveyable, Utliberg was clearly visible behind, and in the distance you could even see the Glärner mountains. The view from the roof will be something to look forward to.