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Flims Holiday

Enjoyed a week in Flims during lockdown

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Holiday in Flims

With international travel being blocked and unblocked sporadically, you decided to spend your mandatory holidays in Flims. You borrowed your mate's holiday apartment for the low-low cost of a bread cutting board, and played in the snow.

Flims snow

The week was spent sleeping-in and being lazy in general. Mark begged ceaselessly to ride the gondola — dongel weg, dongel da, dongel sitze — and when you finally caved you took the wrong one for sledding. You managed to go sledding eventually; it was a blast!

You rented skis for the kids and took then for a few rounds around the skischool kiddies slope. You pulled them up with a climbing sling and let them come back down, giggling all the way. Worth the effort... eventually.

Flims nighttime

There was just enough snow for crosscountry skiing. You did a late afternoon round for free (no one there) and Meike did one the next morning. Very pretty forest loipe wound down and back up the valley. The way back was hard.

On the weekend your mates all joined for a quick visit before you made you way back home. When asked, Marked made it very clear he wanted pizza for dinner.