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Grosse Mythen

The weather was determined to ruin the August long weekend. None the less, you went up Grosse Mythen and relaxed.

Grosser Mythen

Meike's mum once explained about a alleged weather phenomenon called Siebenschläfer. Whatever weather came in a certain week is said to hang around all summer. During Seven Sleepers Day intermittent, unpredictable rain and storms were springing up all over the place, and so a summer of unplannable weekend adventures ensued.

Grosse Mythen is a steep mountain

Switzerland is a great place to be born on the first of August: it's always a holiday on your birthday. The holiday often falls near a weekend and becomes either a three- or four-day break. This year, however, the weather really wanted to undo your plans. Heavy storms were predicted to lash Dents du Midi and there was still snow above 3000m. Bookings were cancelled and alternatives sort.

The way up

Not too far away from home was Grosse Mythen - the pointy mountain you saw last you were hiking in Schyiz. With hopes it'd stay dry you headed via Einsiedeln to Brunni and started walking up. The track was a bit slippery but manageable; although, a few older groups did have some spills. The day was humid and sunny, and it was nice to be outside in shorts and with a nice view. The path became steep fast. The path up to the top was carved into the rocks, leaving a narrow and uneven way. You were lucky the weather wasn't so perfect because if more people were there there would have been traffic jams.

Nearing the top after 47 corners

After two hours and 47 corners (they were numbered) you landed by the hut at the top. There were a lot of people there enjoying the view over lunch, and a few black birds swooping around looking for crumbs. Meike had brought some of her birthday cake her mum made and shared it around. As usual, you had brought enough food to"open a supermarket". At the same time, everyone was happy to have chocolate cake.

Woah, what a view!

On the way down the clouds began to creep up from the valley below and quickly hit the sumit. You came down and had a break in a small guest house, drinking enough water to drown a fish after sweating all day. You spotted something amusing on the bus ride to Einsedln - a sign which read: "Zu den Wegweisern" (To the signposts). A signpost showing the way to the signposts? How thorough!

Acting 13 rather than 31

Today being the national holiday, the purchase of fireworks and set things on fire is permitted. That night you went up to Kirsten's roof for the best view and a BBQ. Meike took her birthday present with her - a skateboard. For once, you gave her something she didn't know she wanted... and still isn't sure. The idea was to accelerate her commute while busses and trams aren't running in Oerlikon or Basel. Her comment upon receiving the present: "I'm 31, not 13!"

Such a cool dude in sunglasses

The week before you had been swimming in Letten and found a pair of sunglasses. There was nothing unusual about finding things but these were Gucchi and fancy, and didn't have a scratch on them. You looked like a pornstar wearing them. After a quick google you found they were worth 250chf. Up on the rooftop everyone tried them - some looked amusing, while others were swamped by them. That evening you relaxed and watched things exploding all over the place, making for a good start to the long weekend. Some fool managed to set his house on fire. It was burning for a good hour.

Fireworks reflected on buildings