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In Germany Now

Not much of an update, just wanna say that all's good!

In case you were wondering, yes, I'm in Germany now and I'm fine :-) Bit busy at the moment, so shall be updating properly here in a few days!

The flight here was shitty, as international flights tend to be. 22 hours in the air gives you a sore neck. Why oh why did I not realise the head rests are bendable to cradle your head? That would have saved some bother.

Meike is well - I say that because you all ask it, and I'd rather say it here one last time and never have to repeat it. Ner! Her parents and sister have all decided to only speak German to me. Suits me fine, although I am rather lost for the first 80% of the conversation.

Some people would claim that I broke Meike and Dani's internet here, but you all know better. It was not me, rather it was the internet monsters - our convenient scapegoat for my messing with the modem settings. After waiting for Dani to fix it I thought up a list of jobs for the week:

  1. Get online (thanks Dani!)
  2. Get a shiny new bike
  3. Read my 'find a job' book
  4. Try not to eat chocolate all day
  5. Other vitally important things...

Ok - I do admit that I have no real news. Berlin is still a gloomy as last time I was here. Hopefully Spring will brighten up my day with bike rides in the woods with all the bunnies and flowers and happiness... (drifting off into dreamland) ...and candy mountain candy-caves. Ahh the serenity.

- Update -

Someone has admitted it was they who broke the internet the other day. That's right! It was not me after all. Take that society! Also, I may have failed point 4 for the past two days.