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Last Weekend At Work

The last weekend of work and the last The Card Game.

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At the end of the week, Tom took me to the nunnery to find a new bike seat. It was to replace the one stolen during Carols In The Domain. I bet it was some bastard kid havin' a laugh. Damn teenagers! Friday? Hmm... Yeah, Gav came so it was Friday after gym! Do you really care when it was?

No. No you don't care, but I'm still going to tell you anyway. Guess what - fail! You fail. Questions: 1) Why does Riley always say 'fail' to win arguments? 2) Why is it recommended you ommit a question mark from a written rhetorical question? Are all these questions to remain unanswered? Fail.

  1. Riley uses fail when he thinks he's loosing an argument or has nothing to add to a conversation
  2. You should add a question mark to the end of a written rhetorical question - that's the recommendation by Style manual - for authors, editors and printers, sixth edition, page 98; guess I failed

My all-time favourite unique exercise technique is the 'run for you life' method. There was one very special member at the gym who'd come in to run on the x-trainers with his arms up in the air, as if he were surrendering. He'd stride away, huffing and puffing, and look like a complete prat for 40 to 50 minutes once or twice a week. I'd tell everyone the story and laugh away, often using it to convince people there was 'always someone else with worse technique' than them. Until my very last weekend at SUSAC I had never managed to get a photo. There you go! Proof that there's always sillier people than you in the gym. Now, he did have a justification for it:

Me: That's interesting, mate. Why you doing that anyway?

Him: Ahh you see, this is to boost my fitness level. Make it harder.

Me: Ok... How so?

Him: Well, hands above you head increases your blood pressure. Yes?

Me: Yes, that's true.

Him: And increased blood pressure puts more strain on the heart. Yes?

Me: Yes... That's technically correct...

Him: So by putting my arms up, I'm getting a better workout. Yeah?

Me: ... [bemused silence]

Him: ... [expression of complete conviction]

Me: Have you ever thought of, maybe, increasing your speed or resistance level? It would do the same thing - be easier perhaps?

Him: Ohh, no. I think this is better. It gives me the edge!

Me: Good luck with that [attempt to supress giggles and sarcastic smile]

I'd always be late for work on Saturday. Honestly, who can make a 1 pm start? I was very busy all morning making boxes for Meike's... Wait! No, we shall not reveal that now. That is still secret! Anyway, Peter L. was there at work. He always takes the time to help people, always staying back another half-hour or more to finish explaining something. He's a great bloke. However, he immediately went up in my books when he asked if I'd like to see a picture of his Queensland girlfriend - on his phone was a picture of her starkers and posing! It wasn't a mistake; he went on to point out how toned her thighs were! Yow... I was impressed that someone would be so open about that. More people should be like him. I remember a few years back when he was a music technition for my music course at uni, then did his fitness placement with me at work. Ahh, how roles change. You can chat to him for hours... He also go the photo of the 'run for you life' bloke for me. Hehe!

We helped Mike clean his appartment on his last day there. Though, some people made mess rather than cleaning it away. The reason Trie had come to help was that she'd locked herself out on Damon's balcony. She stayed there for about an hour until people wandering by asked neighbours to assist her in climbing across to their balcony. Trie - another one of our special friends. Mike finally revealed the location of the hidden non dishwasher-safe plastic cups. He had been hiding them ever since I first discovered he was forced to hand wash them every time I used them. The last thing they tried to stop me using them was to add dish washing detergent for a soapy supprise. Luckily, Luke was first to be supprised so Josh's plan failed. Mike had the last laugh, as he pulled them out of the green bag from under the sink. Bastard!

The final day working for Sydney Uni Sport was a little sad. It was spent making cut-out paper hats to stick on the staff photos. Hehe! The final day of wok was followed by the final The Card Game game. No holds barred, all bets (and cloths) off. Here are some highlights:

Bananahome became empty. Wilson the cat had some last words. Mike left. The end of another era...

I made an effort to see Aaron and Christene that night. Also, to collect their underwater camera for Coffs! Yay! Cam and Ben dropped by to regale their tale of trespassing into the old Blue Mountains Quarinteen Station. Apparently, no one had been there in years. The mourge was empty - shame. Thanks for the lift to the station at 4 in the morning Christene!