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Maggia Camping, Climbing

You went camping with With Alex, Grég and Meike in Tessin, south of the alps in Maggia valley. It was utterly spontaneous, being arranges the night before, and worked out well somehow. Got a spot by the river and went rope climbing on 30°C rocks in the sun.

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Gotthard Tunnel Traffic

What do you do if the weather forecast on Friday night predicts yet another rainy weekend in Zürich? You have an emergency Skype conference with friends, decide to pack your tent and rope and escape to Teccino.

Going to Teccino by train provides double satisfaction as soon as you reach the Gotthard Tunnel, which is pretty much the gate to Teccino. First, when you enter the tunnel you see everybody who had the same idea, but decided to take the car, is hopelessly stuck in the predictable weekly traffic jam, while the train you are on is zipping by. Second, when you leave the tunnel and see the sunshine you realise that you left the rain behind. Win win.

Maggia River Camping

Set up the tent, flop on the ground

Once we reached the sunny side of the world, we took a hire car and found ourselves a camping spot on one of the crowded camping grounds in the Maggia Valley. As soon as Alex made it through the traffic jam on his motorbike, we drove to one of the many climbing cliffs in the area. To get there, we had to cross the Maggia river on a shaky see-through bridge. Despite the water being undoubtfully cold, several scuba divers seemed to be enjoying the clear river water.

River scuba diving

We spent the afternoon climbing up several routes that had nice views from the top. Alex managed to make us all look like amateurs with his new shiny brush. There were a few really interesting climbs.

Alex and his shiny new brush

When the sun set Alex wanted to fish in the river to provide some dinner. None of us trusted his skills to catch something eatable in a very clear and obviously fish-less river. We had an improvised bbq and that evening accompanied him to the river, where he managed to catch nothing but a rock which destroyed his hook.

Late night fising by the river, hopeless

Climbing Day 2

The next morning we dried the tents while having breakfast, and enjoyed the heat while climbing in another near by area. Sam almost ran out of rope belaying Alex, who got lost on a climb and went a lot higher than expected.

Listen... the rocks are saying something

At about 2pm the hot rocks told Grég that it was about time for a cool of swim in the freezing river.


After that it was time to return the car and go back to rainy Zürich.