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Mike visits, manly rock climbing

Mike comes to visit and you two went sledding, and then later you started rock climbing (and being massive)

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You've had quite a bit of time for yourself lately and since have returned to your wretched nerd-tastic ways: playing video games until way-too-late o-clock. How did this happen? Could it be that you've been spending all your CHF's on shiny new water-cooled computers? Having money is a dangerous thing at first but at least all your bills are being paid... somehow.

Mike James Palmer Brand swung by to say hi and see the city. He liked the museums and all that boring rubbish, but best of all was playing Warcraft III co-op (such nerds...). No, it was actually the sledding down the local hill that was the most fun part. It was a shame that he only had 3 days with you - not enough time to do anything really... appart from video games. He agreed, along with everyone else, that your beanbags are the greatest thing ever invented. He said they even beat the Scrot Sac (Bananahome's doona-filled thingo), and that means a lot. The next task at hand: remake games night Zurich style.

While Mike was in Zurich you both tried some light painting. You set you camera to 15 sec exposure, ISO 100 and apature 5.1 to take some marvellous night-time photos of two twits playing with a bike light. The results were far better than expected, especially Mike's Man Enjoying the View. This kind of artistic expression will need more attention in the future. Mike left a painting of grey clouds over grey mountains - apt. as the weather while he was here was crap.

The only real news of late is that you're returning to being a manly-man and have started climbing here in der Schewiz. You did a ropes course, there making a friend, and are now tackling Europe's biggest climbing centre with your new rope. A rope is a very manly thing to own, by the way. It is no exaggeration to call the climbing gym scary; the damn place goes up to 27 meters in places and is bigger than several Bunnings Warehouses (an exaggeration). It's very satisfying to come home with ragged, broken fingernails to admire and throbbingly sore forearms to flex. Again, it all feels very manly.

Imagine that you're 20m up, you have one toe on a precariously small hold while the other balances you. One hand holds shakily to another tiny blue hold to which only your fingers are able to cling, and the other is nervously fiddling the loose rope into a clip above you. You can feel how long you've got before your fingers slip - 4, or maybe 5 seconds. You know that if you don't hook the rope in you will fall at least 4 meters and then smash into the wall. You are fighting your nerve, quelling panic, and are living in an amazing moment that could, honestly, go either way. This, a genuinely thrilling challenge, makes you feel alive. Summary: do something each day that nearly kills you = yay.

You also bought a bread maker, which (although not manly) makes nice bread. The timing worked out well since it was soon your turn to bring morning tea (Gipufli Pause), and you thought home made bread would win you some points. Not old did you make 2 loaves of super-yummy bread, you also brought salami, ham, a mixed set of jams, cherry tomatoes and butter. The comment from everyone at work was: oh great, you've raised the bar.

Does anyone else think Blonde and Blood oranges are deceivingly similarly named? Meike sispect it's to sell more non-Blonde ones to the unobservant. Tricky bastards...