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New Apartment

Got the key and moved into your new apartment. Lots of lightning.

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Moving In

After a very long time waiting (about two years) you finally moved into your new apartment. Yay! You got the key and landed in your first own home. No more being kicked out of rental property ever again!

Inside empty apartment, and inflating a pump-up bed

The Friday was all-a go with disassembling wardrobes and demounting light fixtures in the old place. You transported a couple of packing boxes by foot and by trolley 1.4 km to the new place in preparation for potentially hungry helpers, and later received a delivery of nine pallets (new balcony furniture). Your cold, which had hit you pretty bad the week before, was still hanging around making everything unnecessarily laborious. As motivated as you were to move in, you just wanted to go to bed... but you didn't have one at the moment. An inflatable mattress on the floor sufficed for the first night.

Packing the moving van, and chilling with the moving team in the loccia

Saturday was moving day and everyone came to help. Seven people volunteered — which would have been eight, had Burning-Man Steffen not been in the hospital — so things moved quickly. You split into two teams: one for moving out and one for moving in, while you drove the moving van back and forth six times. It was quite the operation. That evening you toasted on the roof. It was a long day.

Building from the outside, and skateboarding in the basement carpark

With no down-time in sight, Sunday daytime was consumed by unpacking, with the evening filled by a wedding make-up test for Sandra and a BBQ. Even monday was planned full: you two cleaned the old place from 9 am to shortly before 9 pm.

The stress was beginning to build up. You planned to take a "day off" Tuesday but that ended up stressful too somehow. Who knew running around disposing of a basement full of garbage, going shopping and unpacking more boxes would hit you so hard. You were wiped out for the rest of the week in bed with a second wave of flu shittyness.

Big bathroom mirror, and on the roof

Complaints about the move aside, the new apartment is the pants. First, it's huge. Even with boxed everywhere, there's still enough room to live. Second, it's new and so everything works (excluding the Storen) and is clean. Taking showers is like standing under a very soft waterfall, and the bath seems deep enough to drown in when full. The temperature stays at a constant level and the bathroom never gets moist. The bathroom mirror even has two fog-free areas along it 2.5 m length. You did, however, manage to already dig some holes in the floor; the very pretty wood is butter-soft vs. small stones dragged below moving boxes apparently.

Batchellor(et) Party and Lightning

One week later Steffen had his bachelors party in hospital. They made the best of what was on offer, like actual nurses rather than cheaper naked knock-offs. Three nurses actually came past as part of Steffen's 'treatment' and gave him the choice of a very large, intimidating needle filled with mysterious pink liquid or a less pointy but much bigger dosage via an enema. It was a laugh, even if you did fall asleep at one point; your cold was still kicking your butt.

Lots of lightning

Two weeks later the girls went with Sandra to Barcellona for the weekend, while a spontaneous game of poker and a huge thunder storm landed in Zürich. No idea what the girls got up to — you weren't privy to that information. On the third night of heavy rain, wind and lightning you drove to Basel airport to collect them (since trains had already stopped running). It took a while to get back but at least the lightning was cool. Near home at about 3am someone wished you a "good morning". Not something you want to hear just before going to bed on a school night.