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Skiing in Les Gets France and Light painting.

Visited Izzy at her challet in Les Gets, France, for some skiing. Did some light painting.

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Spring stirred in his bed sleepily, in no way ready to get up for work. The alarm had chirped through three snooze alarms before he sat up, eyes half closed, and tried to remember how warm weather felt. It was no running start to the day either; it took a tripple espresso and fifteen minutes of starring out the window at traffic for Spring to actually make a move. He had a shower, got dressed and then finally left his apartment to begin his warm and wonderful day. As soon as Spring stepped outside people began smiling as they basked in his radient warmth. It was a wonderful day. Suddenly, Winter sprang from behind a corner and pushed Spring to the ground, causing him fall flat on his face. Winter stood over Spring kicking snow in his face and taunting him with cruel words like you have no place in Europe! Spring was so sad that he ran home to hide, not to be seen for another few weeks.

Well, that was pretty much how the seasons have been acting lately - as soon as you thought Spring was ready to come out of hiding, Winter came back for another round of heavy snowing and feezing gusty days. Spring and Summer are not so welcome in Europe, it seems.

Meike came to stay last week and you both went to visit your very good friend Izzy in Les Gets, France, just south of Geneve. She is working there as a hotel maid in a challet which sits directly on the ski piste. The hotel gets 10 points for location - you could literally ski out the door! The hotel's manager was away this particular Thurs./Fri. and so you both stayed for free - what a good deal! Wonderful seeing Izzy, since she is always so super-cheerful and fun. It was an easy trip there by train/bus and an amusing first night in the local restaurant, where the waiter sent Izzy flirtatious SMS messages. Apparently no sober sex since Australia was a bad thing...

Pride: you (an Australian) can ski rather well. Embarrassment: you (an Australian) got sunburnt in Europe in Winter. Oh the shame! The pistes in Les Gets were huge, pretty and fantastically free of weekend skiers. Izzy, Meike and yourself trekked all over the place on the season's greatest day; it was all sunshine and blue skies, and there was plenty of snow. For these reasons, you all got sunburnt. The day became even more fun when you took Izzy off piste and had her roll down the slope over and over again. Her skis were stuck in the snow so deep pointing straight up that Meike had trouble pulling them out. This was very thirsty work. Day #2 was good too albeit a little melty. They had pisted the black runs, turning them into sheets of very steep ice - it was pure skiing heaven if you had the balls to go it full speed. Plan for next year: visit Les Gets again - half for the skiing, half for the saucisson sausages.

Light Painting has been a fun little acivity lately for you and anyone else who happens to drop by. It irks you a little the everyone else's are better than yours' - but still, smile on. There was one evening after being manly climbing rocks and drinking beer that made you wanna be silly and jump into the freezing Limmat river. You actually made it to the river and into the water up to you waist to draw a cool light shark, but no deeper - it kinda felt too cold even for you.

Your German classes are going really well lately. It is an especially fun experience to be taught by an ex- stage actor who passionately pronounces his pronouns to make the class a live act. You have yourselves a giggle every lesson about mundane little mistakes that become all the more hilarious when made in one of seven different accents (Egyptian, French, Polish, Australian, Swiss-German, Kazakstanian and Serbian) - it's a bit of a mix. Each evening, 20:20 and always raining, you make your way home along the shiny watery streets not caring the slightest damn about getting wet. It's a nice feeling somehow; the rain drips from your hair onto your nose, hangs for a moment, and then drops off. As you walk, you think you could not have put anything more into your day - it feels full and calmingly satisfying. You arrive home, take off your socks and sit propped up in bed with computer on lap smiling, enjoying doing nothing much at all.