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S and S's Wedding, Churfirsten Hiking

You all went to Berlin for S and S's wedding on the Spree. It was a long and smiley day. Well put together. Next you went hiking in the Churfirsten.

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Wedding in Berlin

Past a quick visit to the airport lounge, a short and uneventful flight and a very cramped bus ride, you landed in Nikolassee Berlin late Friday ready for S&S's wedding. Busy, busy, busy.

Waiting for the ceremony, and wedding painting

You rocked up to their music-themed hotel the following morning and watched him tie his tie; the girls were elsewhere. Their penthouse room was most pink. Notably pink — much like the rest of the hotel which was notably colourful. The hotel's business strategy seemed to be add a few colourful LEDs, charge double and call it Berlin style. Whatever floats you boat...

Chilling outside on the Spree, and thunder strikes

After kafuffling with the champagne, everyone met at the town hall for a dry reception. The mistress of ceremony held a most boring speech, then asked them to "show passports to confirm your identity". For some it was emotional none the less, and was proceeded by bubbles — both in the air and in glasses.

All the dudes dancing, and cutting the cake

While the newlyweds buggered off for photos, you all dressed up the reception hall. The idea to put cash in helium balloons almost worked well, until some kid wanted to play and they burst. Speeches were nice. During S&S's address a clap of thunder rocked the hall, making for a very opportune portrait of the couple. The DJ doubled as a dance instructor, which amused until the cake arrived at midnight (normal in Germany apparently). Fun wedding.

The next day was visiting grandparents and flopping about. Nice weekend. Tough early Monday.

Churfirsten Hiking

For her parents and sister's weekend visit you decided to chance the weather and go hiking behind the Churfirsten. It was a comfortable start, with a sleep-in and breakfast until midday, before driving towards Säntis.

Heading up, and about to head down before the rain

Day one was patchy. You had to reach for your raincoats at least four times or hide under trees to shelter but the showers didn't last long. You hiked up the same way as your skitour towards Frümseltal, turning back at the tree line to be in time for dinner. On the way back, a herd of cows took a liking one of you and gave chase. Not sure what they wanted.

Signposts on steep hill, and passing uncooperative cows

Day two went up towards Chäserrugg. It was a three hour hike up 860 m which, in the sun, felt tougher than it should have. There were lots of cows on the path, non of whom were willing to give way. They had realised they were all bigger than you and could get their way. It was hard to tell which electric fences were switched on and which weren't, so you just tested them all. Strangely, holding one line made your bicep flex rather than your hand. Good training for the lazy perhaps.

Panorama down the steep side of Chirfirsten

The top of Chäserrugg was packed with Sunday hikers and bird-watchers. The gondola station's kitchen was running at capacity, and it seemed like the entire valley was employed to serve shitty chips, sausages and beer. Countryside employment goes this way if given the chance, it seems. Easier than milking cows, you suppose.