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Zittauer Klettersteig by Steam Train

Visited a place called Zittauer in Germany on the boarder to Poland and Czech Republic for rock climbing

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Shiny new bikes

You are an amazingly lazy bastard sometimes. Oh sure, you could claim that you've been having too much fun doing things to have the time to write - and you'd be telling the truth - but who wants to hear that? None of the people asking you prove it and not just claim it, surely.

A little while back you spent a whole month's pay on a shiny new mountain bike. Following this, things started getting very energetic and exciting. Riding your shiny new bike, no matter the terrain, feels like you're sitting on a cloud. You can even stay comfortably seated while riding down stairs! Such a high level of riding comfort begs for you to try harder and harder trails. You begin lusting for steeper hills, muddier trails, and more 45 degree banked corners bordering sheer four meter drop cliffs (all the while wondering is this a good idea?). If an engagement ring is supposed to cost a man one month's pay, does that mean you're going to marry your bike? Keep it beside you always? Share a bed with it? Considering the price, the latter two points could be apt.

Possible showers

As the weather continued to warm into Spring, people began to play outside more by the lake to enjoy the sun. The weather here is, however, not particularly predictable and very sporadic; in different ends of a single town you'd see very different weather, and only an hour later both ends flip completely. One ride took you out of Zurich for just long enough for it to storm there, the whole time you enjoying the sun 5 km down the road, and you return to wet roads and again sunny weather.

Zittauer Gebirge

Meike and you made a trip to... Oh no! You made a trip? German verb-use is slowly eroding you once-native English. Ze Germans have won this battle. Dear, oh dear. Let's try again.

Meike and you took a trip to Zittauer Gebirge last Spring - a far away place in the corner between Germany, Poland and The Czech Republic that you can only get to by steam train - for some hiking and via ferrata. There some very out of place mountains sprang up from the otherwise flat region, which make for good adventuring grounds. You weren't really sure what language to use there. After hearing the mix of German, Polish and Czech greetings from other hikers, you decided on gruetzi (Swiss-German for g'day). Day one was supposed to be a fairly pleasant stroll up to a pretty little via ferrata climb, but in reality it was completely off-course bush bashing to get there. You stumbled upon the climb by accident, which was actually a quite hard via ferrata course. In summary: awesome fun! There was a group climbing below you - or rather, trying to climb below you - who were stuck on the very first peg unable to start. Maybe this indicates how hard it was (or how awesome you both were). You both hiked back down the mountain past the Brooding Hen, and stayed together in a little hotel a short hike away that night and ready for the second climb the next morning.

The second via ferrata climb was posted online as the prettier one of the two, which was spot on. It began somewhat tame but as soon as you saw it had a bridge, all qualms were quelled. It just kept getting better the higher you climbed, more precarious and evermore dangerous! It forced you to follow paths way out over big falls, scramble along teeny toe-holes trails, boulder over big ...boulders, and made you muscle up massive overhangs (well, one anyway). No handstands on the top sadly, but there was one gym-tastic rings (rocks) move attempted. Unfortunately, at the the top was a restaurant complete with road access and a car park, making it feel so much less of an achievement to climb all the way up there the manly way. Nevertheless, you two walked from there all the way along the steam-train tracks back to the main town (the one with electric trains), 12 km away, and then back to Berlin.

Pirate party

A reeeeeally long time ago someone wanted to throw a pirate party and so you offered your house for it. It was a very last-minute thing to put on but the turnout and the costume quality was amazing. Even your last-minute costume (black baggy pants, lipstick scar) looked good. This pirate party even had a cook there to make all the piraty food. People danced (including you) to bad music videos until 3am and then left you with a mess. If only you could get a hold of the guy taking photos there'd be something to show. 6 months later, you still don't have the photos...