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Zürich Snow Dump 2021

Snow fell in Zürich. A lot.

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Snow Dump in Zürich

In the second week of January Zürich got covered in snow. About 60 cm fell 4th biggest snow dump since 1931.


It became impossible to travel. Trees collapsed under the weight of snow. Snowmen and igloos popped up everywhere, and you had to use a sled to take the kids to kita.

Local Skiing Weekend

On the Saturday, you got small skis and took the kids to Irchel Park. Mostly a success, all considered, although Mark was more interested in wearing the boots than using the skis.

Uetliberg sledding run

On Sunday you went up Uetliberg in the freezing wind to Ringlikon. Mark again wasn't having bar of it, choosing instead to play with his pingpong ball. May went straight into the deep snow. She ended up skiing down the entire sledding run. Impressive!